In Brief: How to React Like the Catholic Church in Other Situations:
In honor of various Catholics in dresses and/or tall hats defending the Church and the Pope against allegations of covering up decades of known rape and molestation by priests; they have said that the Pope is like suffering Jesus and that such accusations are like the kind of antisemitism that led to the Holocaust:

1. Accusations that "you smelt it, you dealt it" are like cross-burnings on the lawns of African Americans by KKK members.

2. Saying that the DNA in the blood on your gloves matches Nicole's is like how the Israelis treat the Palestinians in Gaza.

3. Exposure of an email where you admit helping a friend bury a hooker he strangled with a bra is like McCarthyism.

4. Revealing that you allowed bank robbers on the run to crash in the guest room of your nice suburban house is like overfishing the world's tuna supply.

5. Releasing video of you stabbing a Koala bear is like dropping the bomb on Nagasaki.