Photos That Make Teabaggers Shit Blood:

That large black man is Rick Walker, and he is the living embodiment of that old white guy's nightmares. Walker was marching in a counterprotest against the deluded megacult known as the Tea Party, who were having some kind of rally of the damned on Tax Day yesterday. He's part of a new group called "The Other 95%," which was created to use "facts" and "reality" to counter the fantasy policies the teabaggers have conjured like a World of Warcraft hellscape.

And what's not to love about the picture? The skinny, bearded white guy who seems to be holding a not-at-all agitated Walker back? The face of the goateed old guy, who looks like he's ready to vomit out some acid mixture of fear and confusion in his gut, wondering who let the Negroes in to ruin their perfectly fun cross-burning?

Oh, sweet goateed old guy, Walker didn't want to harm you. He didn't want to cut your throat or your Medicare. He wanted to pierce your thick coat of nutzoid shellac, a rigid shell made of Glenn Beck's semen, Sarah Palin's spit, and Republican cash money.