End of the Year Haiku 2009: The Readers Haiku, Too:
Poems to cap off the year from rude readers around the world (with minor edits, if needed). This first group seems obsessed with a certain figure:

From Daphne C. in Springfield, Illinois:
man, did the year stink
of right-wing intransigence
and Palin worship

From Andy C.:
Sarah going rogue.
What is the world coming to?
McCain gnashes teeth.

From Kelly W.:
Sarah Palin quits,
Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack,
Ducks speak for us all.

From Brad A.:
Sarah Palin loves
to teabag Todd’s big ball sack.
McCain’s dick goes limp.

From Jim L.:
Tea Baggers demand
Give us birth certificate.
Ranting red-faced sheep

From Jan T.:
I am not a dwarf
Nor an Atlanta housewife.
No reality show for me!

From Mona P.:
Oh, How this year blew.
If Limbaugh kicks the bucket
It will have blown less.

From Mari L.:
A decade of fear
Cannot be washed away with
One bucket of hope.

Drinks a-waitin'. More tomorrow.