Christmas Cards That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Yell, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Motherfucker" as He Cock Punches Glenn Beck:

So that's a Christmas card you can buy from Glenn Beck's online store o' Beckiness. The description reads, "Don't even think about sending your friends Christmas cards. Or Hanukkah cards. Or cards for any one of your other intolerant, hate-filled holidays. The only option this holiday season is RamaHanuKwanzMas cards."

See, it's funny because it lumps every seasonal holiday together. By giving it, you're saying, "Oh, look how absurd people are with their bizarre, wacky beliefs that are different from my religion's celebration of an invisible sky wizard knocking up some virgin teenager." Or you could just give your friends a head butt. It's about the same thing.

Note: Also available on t-shirts, so you can publicly announce, "Yes, Glenn Beck's ballsack does taste like eggnog and shame."