Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Freebase Metamucil:

That's Senator John McCain, America's Most Prickish Leprechaun, gettin' his blood all angered up because he was debating health care reform this past Saturday. And what got Johnny Maverick all arms aflailing, teeth-a-barin' mad? Oh, he latched onto the Obama administration's skeevy backroom deals with big pharma to leave drug prices mostly untouched in any reform turd that might squeeze through the tight sphincter of the Senate. In other times, his Republican colleagues would have been all over supporting such deals (and making them), but not when there's opposin' to do by the opposition.

In that dwarfish passive-aggressive voice of his, McCain said, "I don't know what the deal was, but we will find out, just like the deals that were cut with all of these other organizations," attempting to pimp-slap Max Baucus while being cheered on by Judd Gregg, Bob Corker, and the other mouth pissers of the minority. Really, watching this "debate" is like trying to figure out whether to root for Godzilla or King Kong. Ultimately, shit's just gonna end up crushed.

Perhaps forgetting the way that the Senate was run by K-Street lackeys just over a year ago, McCain observed, "This place is full of lobbyists. I can't walk through the hallway without bumping into one of their lobbyists." This is not to mention McCain going into full dickbag mode when Baucus was attempting to answer him: "If the Senator keeps interrupting, he is violating the rules of the Senate. I thought he would have learned 'em by now."

The Republicans were allotted 45 minutes for this part of the "debate" (it was over some damn Republican amendment or other that ultimately failed). And to show you how serious McCain and the minority takes the whole thing, McCain wrapped up by saying, "It has been a great time. We are going to do it again, a lot, between now and the time the vote is forced, and the American people are on our side."

Yep, it's big fun, delaying and delaying as the bill is watered down and watered down, until finally there's nothing left in there for anyone to support except that something should have been done.