End of the Year Haiku 2009:
Like a night out alone at a titty bar, what began with hope ended with sticky sadness and an overwhelming sense of failure. And what better way to express it than with a haiku or two.

Chilled glee on the Mall,
One more chance for redemption;
America froze

As If You Didn't Know

Did it surprise you?
Republicans are assholes
Clenched like babies' fists.

The Loss
Barack Obama
Needed Ted Kennedy like
A fish needs the sea

New Justice
A strong Latina
Will kick your ass even if
you're named "Scalia."

The Cult
Glenn Beck's dervish whirl
Mesmerized maniac minds
To scream at phantoms


Wall Street execs said,
"Thanks for the cash of the poor.
Now suck our bonus"

Circuses Without Bread

No job, no health care,
We click the TV to see
Who thinks they can dance.

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