End of the Year Haiku 2009 (The End):
"We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end/We were fated to pretend"- An epitaph for the decade gone from MGMT.

And, last, but far from least, a few more 2009 haiku from rude readers (with minor edits, if needed). Thanks for the 100+ submissions, and for those who didn't get posted, well, hope you didn't spend too much time on it. And happy fucking blah blah blah:

From David K.:
A rotten decade
to start the millennium
seems an ill omen.

From DS:
Cries of the beached whale-
admission of a slow death.
Cheney on Fox News.

From Gummo:
Fuck Cheney and his
Evil loudmouth devil spawn
Fuck civility

From Voncile M.:
vp dick cheney
chokes on his own fetid bile
colons mourn the waste

From Schnoidl:
that was the noughties?
one big pile of rancid shit
flush the goddamn thing

From Joe C.:
Last Days
The blood of the rich
Flooding our dead nation's streets
May improve my mood

From Kevin T.:
Lieberman fuckstick
Ann Coulter penis holster
Diseased lotus blooms

From BB:
Rush Limbaugh's fat ass
Is kissed each day by the right
Yet Dems fear his farts

From Robert J.:
Pantswetting righties
turn a terrorist failure
to terrorist win

From dear Iris:
Pants bomber got us
In a tizzy; we landed.
Dickless wonder he

From Tony F.:
Midnight Mass takedown!
Barrier jumper ensures
best Christmas ever.

From Ashley A.:
Madame Secretary
Change I believed in
Campaign words don't make The Man
Hope: Sec. Clinton rocks!

From Lex A.:
Note to Barack fans:
"Better than worst prez ever"
is too low a bar.

From RBE:
Uncle Sam
fat cop staggering
sweating away down the street
swatting at jihad

From BlancheSplanchnik:
Decade of sociopaths,
The "godly" blame Democrats.
What short memories.

From Wagdog:
the shadows are gone
but the trauma still lingers
be strong and have hope

From Dave N.:
Our Dream?
Hope will not erase
the decade's nightmare of shame
we allowed ourselves.