Various Ways to Enjoy More Rudeness:
So, okay, fine, the Rude Pundit now has a Twitter feed. No promises on frequency of updates, but it will become a place where brief, random rudeness can be posted. And, no, he won't be saying shit like "I just saw Anne Hathaway eating a knish" (although that's a more erotic image than it ought to be) or even "Hey, fucker who cut me off on the Gowanus, suck it." But there might be a thing or two about movies, music, and other shit, as well as politics.

And, interestingly, the Rude Pundit's Facebook status update has become a default comments thread. Hey, people are having fun, so have at.

This ain't copping out or giving in to trends (well, it is, but still). It's a way to spread the rude message far and wide.