A Rational Nation When It Comes to Guns Would Think This a Problem:
Are you fucking kidding?

On Tuesday, Clarence Douglas Phillips shot and killed his girlfriend near Raleigh, North Carolina. He then shot and killed a detective and wounded another cop in the shootout that followed. He died of gunshot wounds later.

On Tuesday, Kevin Garner shot and killed his wife, daughter, sister, and nephew, set his house on fire and then killed himself in Priceville, Alabama. It was the third mass shooting in Alabama in the past month.

Today, outside of Los Angeles, an Asian gunman opened fire at a Korean Christian retreat, killing one person and wounding three. It was at least the seventh multiple shooting in the United States in the past week.

Are we really that goddamn gone, daddy, gone? Things come in clusters, yes, but there's a difference between a statistical anomaly and a collective shift in behavior. Yesterday, on CNN, the Rude Pundit heard some shitty little puke named Michael Guzman of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus argue for, well, the ability of students to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. He actually said, "The debate is why do we set the odds in favor of the criminal who doesn't follow the law, who doesn't follow the rules? There's a reason that we should allow law abiding citizens to defend themselves."

The fact that Guzman was not making a dry, subtle joke is evidence enough that yes, we really are that gone.

More later. The Rude Pundit is sick and tired. Physically. Sure, sure, physically. (And, no, this ain't gonna become a gun violence-centered blog.)