In Brief: Reign of the Teabaggers in Warren County, Ohio:
Warren County, Ohio won't be getting new buses. The county commissioners rejected the over $350,000 from the federal stimulus package to upgrade their public transportation. Said commissioner Mike Kilburn, in a line straight out of an Onion article, "I’ll let Warren County go broke before taking any of Obama’s filthy money."

The money was "specifically for transit improvements in rural areas to improve transportation for disabled people, seniors and others needing access to health care and educational opportunities." Of course, in a sign of compassion, Kilburn said, "I'm tired of paying for people who don't have." And then he waved to everyone around him to come watch him skull fuck a live puppy.

Oh, by the way, it's not that Warren County, a solidly Republican stronghold, is against all federal money. No, you'd be mistaken. Another commissioner, David Young, made it clear that some of that filthy money would be lovingly laundered in Warren County: "[I]t should be on big projects like highway improvements. We might not like deficit spending, but at least we could live with it if the funds were being used for those things. To use it for vans? That's crazy."

But, hey, at least they took a stand.

(Note: The Rude Pundit is wading through the Senate Intelligence Committee's 232-page declassified report on torture. He'll offer some tidbits tomorrow.)