On the Whole, We're Fucked:
So let's just get this straight. Sometimes you just gotta look at the karmic ledger. In the last couple of days, here's what we've learned:

Despite being told not to, the CIA destroyed tapes that show the interrogations of two al-Qaeda suspects. An former agent who was there says that the interrogators, who may or may not have been CIA agents, waterboarded at least one of the men, a multiple-personalitied low-level operative. Yes, says the agent, they got information that may have helped disrupt plots, but that's spin and might not be true, and, frankly, who knows if we could have gotten the information without the torture.

A woman working for Halliburton/KBR was gang-raped by her demi-human co-workers in Iraq, and then the company imprisoned her in a shipping container lest she tell people that she was, you know, gang-raped, and she had to be rescued by the State Department, and it seems, due to the tangle of rules that say that contractors can do fuck-all they want without recrimination or justice, the rapists are gonna get away with it. Oh, and the Justice and State Departments are probably covering up for Halliburton.

A deranged man shoots up a couple of churches in Colorado, and Family Research Council President Tony "God, I'm an Anal-Lovin' Whore for the Media" Perkins essentially blames the "secular" media. Meanwhile, over at that urinal of opinion, Townhall.com, we learn that the woman who shot the shooter was not only the right armed person with a gun at the right time (and a security guard), but she's a goddamn vessel of godly retribution who shows us all how much we should be dry-humping our guns. Thomas Sowell orgasmically cries, "At Last," and the blog over there has various commentators commentating on how splendiferous an armed public is, not even recognizing the irony that...oh, fuck, never mind.

On the plus side, the Supreme Court said that judges can actually use judgment. And New Jersey's probably gonna outlaw the death penalty.

Yeah, lessee, toss in that the crazed Baptist who thinks people with AIDS should be quarantined and thanks an invisible sky wizard for his surge in the polls is pretty much leading the Republicans, and the ledger reads: we're so fucked.

More tomorrow on said crazed Baptist.