In Brief: Three Things That Are Sadly Unsurprising (and One Happy Thing):
1. Joseph Lieberman endorses John McCain. If there's one thing in this world that Al Gore needs to be goddamned for, it's having given national prominence to Joe Lieberman, a narcissist who craves attention like a mad hyena craves rotting ibex meat. Since that time, Lieberman has traded on his image as Johnny Bipartisan to dick over Democrats again and again, driven to vengeance like a mob hitman with the aching scab of a long-ago taken blood oath. As much of a lie as his image is, it's no wonder he endorsed John McCain, who still retains his maverick status despite his constant propping up of the Bush administration's most deranged policies. McCain and Lieberman will march in lockstep around the perimeter of the Baghdad Green Zone, madly clinging to the belief that they are the protectors and gatekeepers of our good, looking out into the city that despises them, never looking behind at the corpses that pile up like cord wood.

2. The Democrats getting ready to cave on telecom immunity. Just...fucking...beautiful. Again.

3. The number of families seeking emergency food and shelter is rising around the country. Right now, the Rude Pundit is listening to the petulant, pissy fucktard President rant about how the Congress wants to destroy the jim-fuckin' dandy economy he's given us all, like he's St. Nick and every day is goddamn Christmas. Meanwhile, everywhere, people are being crushed by debt and stupid financial decisions, tempted by the promise of cheap and easy lives. As the President screeches about the Democrats raising taxes and how it will murder us all, the Rude Pundit can't remember a moment when Bush faced Americans and said, "You know what? Shit's expensive. And you may need to sacrifice." Nope, it's always, "As long as you give me everything I want, you can go about your business." Except that lie is becoming more and more pronounced, as with every tinpot dictator and petty emperor in history.

One Good Thing: Rudy Giuliani - Dead Candidacy Walking.