Happy Christmas (Christmas Is Nearly Over):
Okay, here's the deal: No one's allowed to sing John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" unless they actually want the war over. If anyone catches Sean Hannity singing along to the non-"War Is Over" parts, kick him in his jingle bells.

Otherwise, let's face it - the majority of people checking out the blog today are in a desperate search for pictures of the labia of a certain pop star (the Rude Pundit is still #4 on Google for this magical search - such bounty).

So instead, toddle on over to the ironically-named British blog, Only in America, where Himself has concocted a Rude Pundit-based quiz titled "If By Column You Mean..."

It's flattering and a little scary, like every good Christmas present for grown-ups should be.