Briefly Noted: Flag Burning:
More on this later, but the Rude Pundit has held one non-freedom of speech position on the whole torching-a-flag-makes-George-Washington's-skull-cry issue: The Rude Pundit walks to a store, maybe even an old time Five and Dime, and plunks down his cash and purchases an American flag. Once he owns it, it's his property. No one has assigned him his Bush-prescribed flag. Chances are it wasn't even made in the United States. Now that it's his, this non-living thing, is he not free to burn it, use it to wash his car, wipe his ball sweat after sex, or hang it from his pick-up until it's just tatters in the wind?

C'mon, nutzoid freeper types. Do you want the government telling you what you can do with your property?

Off to Clark Kent duties. Back this afternoon.