Ann Coulter Hurts The Rude Pundit's Brain:
Here's one sentence from page 95 of Ann Coulter's "book," Godless, defending Judge Charles Pickering: "In 1966, he testified against Klan member Sam Bowers, on trial for murdering civil rights activist Vernon Damer."

Here's the transcript of a 60 Minutes profile of Pickering: "Back in 1966, after civil rights activist Vernon Damer was killed by a firebomb, and notorious Klan leader Sam Bowers was charged with the murder, Pickering, then prosecutor in a nearby county, testified that Bowers had a reputation for violence."

The problem here is not plagiarism as much as it's just more cut and paste stupidity. Why? Because, see, for one thing, Bowers was charged with the 1966 killing of Vernon Dahmer and Pickering testified in 1967. But since Coulter's just taking it all from the 60 Minutes profile, which she doesn't cite until two pages and two footnotes later, she simply copies the exact same errors that CBS made.

Is this minor league shit? No. It's a constant pattern that, in a very objective, non-ideological way, ought to discredit Coulter. None of what the Rude Pundit is saying has to do with what Coulter believes or the strange way she scrawls her mad rantings in her own feces. And it's giving the Rude Pundit a fuckin' headache.

Like, for instance, Coulter "writes," "In a 1996 Los Angeles Times poll, 27 percent of respondents said they were more likely to vote for Bush because he was pro-life, but only 18 percent said they were more likely to vote for Al Gore because he was pro-choice." Now one could say the problem here is that nowhere in the entire chapter does Coulter offer a citation for this info and more from the poll. However, instead, howzabout this: umm, that'd be the year "2000." That ain't a typo. A typo would be "2020" or "3000." And this ain't about "de-bunking" or some such bullshit. She's just wrong. Objectively, demonstrably, factually wrong. On the simplest level. Oh, and it also ain't nitpicking to say that getting names and dates right might be important in a "book."

Again, this is just from glancing at the "book." No real effort required other than an ability to Google.

When the Rude Pundit purchased Coulter's "book," he went to an out of the way megastore where he could be anonymous. He asked for a paper bag so no one could see what he was carrying. He's been less discreet about buying lesbian porn mags. In fact, when he got it home, the Rude Pundit took the Coulter cover off and wrapped it in a copy of Chicks With Dicks. He'd rather people think that he jacks off to she-males than that he reads Ann Coulter.