Investigating Coulter For Plagiarism (Updated):
Okay, gang, let's take a breath. The Rude Pundit's working with Raw Story to suss out other possibly plagiarized parts of Ann Coulter's "book" Godless. And surely there are others out in Left Blogsylvania doing the same.

Since this story's been picked up by the gossip pages at MSNBC and Gawker (as well as at Huffington Post - the Rude Pundit's always loved you, Arianna, and your sexy ouzo-infused voice), let's put this in terms of celebrity child-rearing, if Coulter was the child:

Right now, we're at Defcon Britney - the kid's not wearing a seatbelt. Hopefully, later today or this week, we'll be at Defcon Jacko - dangling the kid over the balcony. And maybe soon, fingers crossed, we'll get to Defcon Mommie Dearest.

Update: Here's the links to the Rude Pundit's evidence:
From June 9.
From today.
And a spanking new one tonight.

Are we at Defcon Jacko or Mommie Dearest?