Briefly Noted: David Brooks Tries To Be a Really Awful Blogger:
On Friday, the Rude Pundit wrote just about all he has to say about the Kos v. Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted To Pile On Kos dustup. But then David Brooks goes and puffs out his chest and writes what, if it was posted in Blogsylvania, would be dismissed as a "screed" or a "rant" against Markos Moulitsas, describing all of Left Blogsylvania as his mindless zombie hordes. It's kind of sad, in that way that's just past funny, like a ranting, drunken bag lady with one tit flopping out of her ripped shirt.

One little sample: "And so the Kingpin [Markos] has his relationships and his understandings and his networks and his compromises. In just a few short years he has achieved a level of self-importance it took those in the pre-blog political class decades to acquire. He has challenged his enemy and become it."

The established political system, the machine itself and those who cover the machine, desperately need Markos to be just another naif corrupted by power. Because if he's not, well, shit, then you might just have to pay attention.