Someone Keep the President Away From the Livestock:
This past week, the Rude Pundit posited that the President was distracted during the Katrina briefing because of memories of bovine intercourse with a favorite heifer. And then there's the picture of Bush with a water buffalo in India that, simply, proves the point.

This is not to mention, of course, My Pet Goat.

In the same post, the Rude Pundit called Bush the "anti-Midas," in that "everything he touches turns to shit." Blogger Rimone pointed out in an e-mail that he made the same analogy back in November 2005. In order to demonstrate that the Rude Pundit ain't a filthy plagiarist, just that "like minds..." and all that shit, props to Rimone for beatin' the Rude Pundit to the punch and jab.

Update: So, like, anti-Midas is, what? A trope? A meme? A cliche'? What the fuck ever. It's been used a fuck of a lot in reference to Bush. Oh, and Rimone is female. No, the Rude Pundit doesn't know if she's hot, available, or legal.