Message To Democrats: Supporting Feingold Is the Path To Enlightenment:
The air is filthy with signs of Democratic weakness, ripe with the odor of flop sweat and self-shitting. Perhaps one of the more puissant signs is the near absence on the Democratic National Committee website of mention of Senator Russ Feingold's call for censure of the President for the illegal domestic spying program. It's only referenced once, in the DNC's blog, as a way to criticize odious bastard Wayne Allard for saying that Feingold is "siding with terrorists" for believing that the Constitution of the United States actually gives the Congress power to hold the Executive branch accountable for lawbreaking.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he hoped that Feingold's move would make the Republican whores in the Senate Intelligence Committee stop being the White House's whores and allow an investigation of the surveillance program. Joe Lieberman, that strange, sad little man who fucks for money but refuses to call himself a "whore," said, "Frankly, I'd prefer to spend our time figuring out ways to bring this very important program of surveillance of potential terrorists here in the United States under the law." Which is not unlike saying, "Right now, it's against the law" or "Instead of punishing the rapist, let's legalize rape."

God, no wonder Feingold said, "Democrats run and hide" from the administration and are "cowering" before the incredibly unpopular President. Feingold must be stunned, like a soldier leading his machine gun-toting men into battle who then run screaming away from the rock-throwing enemy. The censure issue should be on the front of every Democrat's website, with press releases and interviews sticking to a single talking point: President broke the law. Feingold knows it's a black and white issue, as he tried to explain to sexily dim Soledad O'Brien Monday on CNN in response to O'Brien's quoting of Bill Frist on the issue, "Many of his colleagues on the Republican side, senators, have said repeatedly since we've found out about this eavesdropping program in December, that it wasn't legal. In fact, some are saying, well, it's illegal, so let's make it legal. What does that tell you? That means they're admitting the president broke the law of the United States of America."

What the rest of the Democratic Party ain't gettin' is that the nation is fuckin' begging for the party to stand up and say, "Enough." Bush's poll numbers are in the tank despite non-stop coverage of every flea fart of a speech he gives, despite the political talk shows being filled to swelling with Republicans and Joe Lieberman saying how goddamned wonderful the President is, except for a minor thing here or there, like, you know, the war; with the bloviators of the air and of the Congress saying that it's unpatriotic to question the President; and without any serious news organization or investigative body exposing the rotten worm and maggot-filled underbelly of all the scandal that's eating away the nation. Turn that log over, and you'll retch from the disgusting sights and smells. Still, still, the public is done with this President. So you know what? Here's the big fuckin' conclusion, so listen the fuck up:

Democrats are makin' one huge miscalculation in staying away from Feingold's motion for censure. They are being played by the Republicans, who are scared shitless that they'll be forced to go on record, with a vote, that they support the illegal activities of the White House. So they are lashing out, calling Feingold a "traitor" and double dog daring Democrats to support him. Looking at how loudly the Republicans are screaming. As the Democratic Leadership Council's Marshall Wittman said, "The Republicans couldn't contain their glee over an attempt to censure the president for being overly zealous in defending the country against al-Qaeda." The DLC are a bunch of tools, idiots for whom triangulation is resistance. And they're wrong about the Republican huffing and puffing. It's a Rovean bluff. Call that fucker. Back Feingold and the public will follow you to 2006 and 2008 because you actually said enough is, indeed, enough.

Here we Democrats sit, staring longingly like puppies at the pound, hoping that some kind stranger will take us home when, instead, we should be motherfuckin' pit bulls, ready to tear some ass, daring the dog catchers to put us down.