Five Reasons Why Karl Rove Needs To Be Destroyed:
Reason #4: Because Karl Rove Is Hiding Behind His Lawyer

In prison, even men who seemed so strong and tough outside the joint can be turned into bitches, willingly allowing themselves to be fucked in return for protection from wandering sodomizers and killers who have shivs with your name on them. But if you become a prison bitch in order to survive, it perhaps reveals something about you, that deep inside you always were that bottom, that punk, a pussy-in-waiting. Yeah, yer quite the thug until your ass is on the line.

And so it is that Karl Rove now hides behind his attorney when it comes to what Rove revealed to Matt Cooper, parsing words worse than Clinton ever did. As it stands now, Rove's defense against treason rests on the notion, put forth by his lawyer, that Rove never gave Matt Cooper the actual name "Valerie Plame," that he just told Cooper that Joseph Wilson's wife was a CIA agent working on weapons of mass destruction.

So, like, if at Gitmo, the "interrogators" are beating the living shit out of some poor fuckin' Yemeni and all they get out of him is that Habib's neighbor, whose name he doesn't know, works for al-Qaeda, Habib's neighbor is shit out of luck, no? Who gives a fuck about a name? Or, more to the point, if the Rude Pundit says that Sally's boyfriend is a hot piece of ass, well, do names really matter at that point? You know who Sally's boyfriend is. You know his telephone number.

So Robert Luskin's defense of Rove is truly bizarre, as if there's some existential notion of identity being attached only to names, that without a name, Valerie Plame could not, in fact, be identified. Or, to go more absurdist, that sans name, Valerie Plame doesn't even exist. Kinda makes the definitions of "sexual relations" and "is" seem rather quaint.

(Coming up: the remaining three reasons. For Reason #5, go to the previous post.)