Five Reasons Why Karl Rove Must Be Destroyed (Cont'd):
Is it just the Rude Pundit or is there some kind of savage undercurrent of payback going on now in the media coverage of Turdgate (in honor, of course, of the President's nickname for Karl Rove, the oh-so-endearing-in-an-ass-fucking-kind-of way "Turd Blossom")? Because while for four years the press would break its spine to spin a story in Bush's favor, now, with treason possibly in the offing, the mainstream media is filled with headlines like "Bush Does Not Offer the Reacharound of Love To Rove" and stories layered with lines like "You remember when Bush said he'd get rid of anyone involved in the Plame leak? He sure acts like he doesn't." Or, to be a bit more accurate, AP's Ron Fournier called the Republican National Committee "virtually a political arm of the White House."

Ahh, sweet Karl, payback's a bitch. And no one deserves it more. Which means, of course, that with NBC's David Gregory and ABC's Terry Moran discovering that they do, indeed, have spines that allow them to walk upright, is laying waste to the GOP talking points on Rove, leading us to...

Reason #3(b): Destroying Karl Rove Will Destroy So Many Others On the Road To the Destruction of Karl Rove
Ken Mehlman, GOP chair, allegedly deeply closeted sucker of wanton cock, has appeared on random shows, givin' the uvula-ticklin' man-love to Rove. Speaking with Wolf "Maybe I'll Be Allowed To Evolve, Too" Blitzer on CNN, Mehlman was in full distraction mode, like if you're at a leather bar and the pecs above that one hot package in the corner are diverting you from talking to your boyfriend who convinced you to come here in the first place and c'mon, Ken, you know about this shit, right?

In fact, what was most pathetic (read: fuckin' hilarious) about Mehlman's sorrowful visage, forced out front, perhaps, by a Rovean threat to out him, is that he never answered a single question that Blitzer asked him. Said Mehlman, "I'm not going to comment on the specifics of this investigation. What I'm here to talk about is, unfortunately, a political smear that's occurred, and the political smear is people, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean and others..." And so instead, Mehlman smeared Joseph Wilson, who apparently was just begging to go spend eight days wandering the golden streets of Niger in order to get regular sex from his desk jockey wife(y), as well as discredit one small claim of the Bush administration in the run-up to war 'cause, you know, Wilson supported John Kerry.

It's unfortunate for Mehlman, for all of Rove's wandering apologists in the Congress and in the media, that trying to make this story about Wilson (and for the media, the Wilson smear is old news - they did that back in 2003) in essence discredits George Bush, Sr., who relied on Wilson to deal with Saddam Hussein back in 1992. And it's a shame, really, that Wilson actually did say he believed that Iraq had biological and chemical WMDs and that force might be necessary back in 2002, even after he had made his Niger trip in February of that year.

Here's Wilson on CNN's Late Edition on December 1, 2002, months after he knew that Iraq wasn't trying to get yummy yellowcake, sounding for all the world like a true believer: "The problem really is going to be whether he can launch chemical and biological weapons against U.S. troops or, even more significantly...if they can drag Israel into a broader war, either through the use of weapons of mass destruction or through Scud attacks that Israel then feels it has to retaliate to. But I think nonetheless, our armed forces are far superior."

And it's too bad that Bush and Cheney didn't hear Wilson, who also warned about the possible outcomes of an invasion: "[T]he political consequences of putting 250,000 troops into Baghdad to pacify, occupy and rebuild the nation of Iraq, in addition to the $200 billion that they're talking about today to prosecute that part of it, really exceeds by a factor of, you know, tens of whatever it might cost...

"[T]he bigger problem is, once having gotten in there, how do we get out? And what are the repercussions across the Islamic world of having the Americans occupy an Arab country? And the Islamic world goes from Indonesia to Mauritania." What an American-hating fucker Wilson is.

Yup, the destruction of Karl Rove is a beatiful thing to watch. Because of the deep thrill of seeing so many others flail about like fools and jackasses in a parade of idiocy. Sure, the Rude Pundit knows, Rove could slip away like a slug into a thorny rose bush. But maybe, just maybe...oh, to hope.

The Alias Addendum:
Some on the right are now claiming that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was not an undercover agent nor an "operative," as Bob Novak first called her. That she was a desk jockey analyst. Although can one not be a desk jockey who needs to keep cover because of all the secrets that she knows? Isn't that the idea of a cover identity?

For Alias fans, the ABC show about CIA agents doing all kinds of cool shit against villains and each other, one need only think of wee little Marshall Flinkman, the tech nerd, who rarely ever leaves the office, but is as deeply undercover as any of the agents in the field. Would you want Marshall to be outed? Would you want Marshall to be open to intimidation, violence, or bribes?