Five Reasons Why Karl Rove Must Be Destroyed:
(As Clark Kent duties will make bloggery sporadic today, this entry will be done in magical small parts that, taken together, will become a magnificent, mythical being. In other words, here's the first segment. Come back later for the rest.)

It is time to destroy Karl Rove - that fat fuck must bear the burden of his sins against this nation as surely as a tail-chasing, abusive cocksman must die alone, diseased, and despised. Rove must be dragged out in public and his pants must be yanked down so we can all laugh at the tiny dick and bean-like balls of this so-called fearsome presence. In the old days, they used to draw and quarter fuckers like Rove, who would, for personal vendetta and political expediency, sell out the good of the nation. But, fuck, horses are a burden these days, so let's tie Rove's limbs to four news vans, each driven by a member of the so-long cowed Washington press corps, and let 'er rip. Metaphorically, of course. Of course.

Reason #5: Karl Rove Looks Like Famous Child Murderers
Karl Rove looks like a cross between Peter Lorre's kiddie killer in Fritz Lang's film M and famous smilin' on the outside, batshit insane on the inside serial killer/clown John Wayne Gacy.

Coming up later today: How Karl Rove is like a prison bitch and how George Bush is like a dalmatian.