Oh, DeLay (Part 1):
A tale is told by the parents of the small group of non-whites in Sugar Land, Texas to their non-white children: if you awake in the middle of the night and hear a scratching on your window, do not open it, for it is not the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. It is Tom DeLay, come to fuck you in your bed, little children. Oh, sure, they use more charming words than "fuck," but the result is the same: Tom DeLay will penetrate and rape your tiny bodies and leave a dead roach on your pillows to prove he was there. That is the only way you will know what has happened to you, the dead roach. It will tell you all you need to know about why your ass is sore, wee ones. The story works - the children stay in their beds through the night. Yes, it's a terrifying image, even though, to this date, no one knows for sure if Tom DeLay has raped any black or Hispanic children in Sugar Land or anywhere else. But no one's saying he hasn't.

But would you really be surprised to find out that the nocturnal habits of Tom DeLay include routine child molestation? Here's a member of Congress (used in the perjorative sense) who lied under oath about not remembering he was the chairman of a company (right after, you know, leading the rampage against Bill Clinton for, you know, lying under oath). Said Houston attorney Gerald de Nico in 1999, "At the time of taking the deposition, the guy perjured himself. There is no doubt in my mind that the guy looked me in the eye and perjured himself." A filth-encrusted cock who halted a deal that would have allowed Clinton to be censured and for the nation to move on. DeLay's reasoning was an outright lie - that there was evidence of more crimes and that an impeachment trial was the only way to air them. Remember, good Americans, the nutzoids in the House wanted to drive Clinton to resignation. And the Hammer, the gay fuck nickname for DeLay, threatened to drive nails into the nuts of any Republican underling who did not madly rant in favor of impeachment. DeLay is a piece of shit, an odious worm, a "born again Christian" (in the batshit insane sense of the phrase) who has probably has fathered an illegitimate child who he then took in under foster care. And that's the fuckin' surface. We'll get to the truly horrible, avaricious nastiness tomorrow. (All of this info, by they way, is readily available on Lexis-Nexis, and it's all from the Houston Chronicle.)

And now, and now, so mad with power, so filled with loathing for the rule of law, the House Republicans are gonna change a rule that says if someone is, say, indicted by a state grand jury for, let's see, a fuckin' crime, that said person ought not be removed from a leadership position in the House. 'Cause, you see, get ready for the motherfuckin' punchline: the Texas grand jury that indicted three DeLay cohorts on charges they illegally funnelled corporate donations from DeLay's PAC to legislative races in Texas in order to accomplish DeLay's cherished redistricting, that grand jury and the Travis County DA are engaged in a partisan "witch hunt" against DeLay. Holy shit, that's funny, no? And you'd've thought DeLay would already be in jail for misusing the resources of the Department of Homeland Security to go after the on-the-lam Democratic legislators who protested the redistricting of Texas. But that wasn't a partisan exercise of power was it? DeLay was just ensuring the continuation of democracy, Hammer style.

You ever been to Sugar Land, Texas? It's a place where the churches are filled on Sunday with the godly men who then go to Hooters to get fucked-up drunk and watch titties and football. And it's like a thousand other places around the country where the hypocritical believe they are good and righteous even as their hate poisons the world around them.

Too disgusted. More tomorrow.