Colin Powell Is a Cunt:
Colin Powell is a black man who makes whites feel good about themselves because they can point to a black man they admire for reasons other than sports, music, or Denzel Washington. Because of that, many white liberals have given this high-yellow cunt a pass so they can continue to admire his glow, his sheen, if you will. Oh, how glorious he was, all black and proud at his press conferences and briefings during the Gulf War in 1991, a war he opposed but fought anyway. But what exactly has Colin Powell done other than stand there and look black and confident while lying and/or stating the obvious? The man is a hypocrite, a fraud, a failure, and the United States is worse off because we all had to watch and see this fucker gladly let the Bush Administration sodomize him again and again, so many rapes that he was deprogrammed from his own much-vaunted but little tested "pragmatism."

That's the so-called "Powell Doctrine," a "strategy" whose definition is so blatantly obvious that only warmongering murderers would believe otherwise. The Powell Doctrine says that, unlike in Vietnam, "military action should be used only as a last resort and only if there is a clear risk to national security by the intended target; the force, when used, should be overwhelming and disproportionate to the force used by the enemy; there must be strong support for the campaign by the general public; and there must be a clear exit strategy from the conflict in which the military is engaged." So let's get this straight: Powell said that we should only go to war when we need to and fight to win? Holy motherfuck, we've lowered the bar on what gets to be called a "doctrine." And, oh, so quaint, innit? Of course, some have always read it as a call to cowardice, a call to avoid conflict at all costs, a call to not worry about massacres elsewhere. But it's all lies and bullshit and a smokescreen.

You wanna get sick to your stomach? You wanna find out how low someone can fall, so low that sewer rats scamper across his scum-licking head? Here's Powell in 1992, after his great and mighty victory over Iraq: "We can examine the assertions of those who have asked why President Bush did not order our forces on to Baghdad after we had driven the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. We must assume that the political objective of such an order would have been capturing Saddam Hussein. Even if Hussein had waited for us to enter Baghdad, and even if we had been able to capture him, what purpose would it have served? And would serving that purpose have been worth the many more casualties that would have occurred? Would it have been worth the inevitable follow-up: major occupation forces in Iraq for years to come and a very expensive and complex American proconsulship in Baghdad? Fortunately for America, reasonable people at the time thought not. They still do." Feeling like vomiting? Even those of us who despise the mythos that has encircled Powell have got to shake our heads at how horrible his torture at the hands of Karl Rove must have been for him to sit there at the State Department and watch Donald Rumsfeld insist that a small force could do the job and listen to Wolfowitz and Perle blather on about easy victories. Rove must have tied him face down, ass in the air, as he was fucked again and again by a parade of neo-cons, only a mirror in front of his face showing who was next in line - Cheney, Bolton, Feith. All, all fucking him over and over to make sure that Powell was a good boy.

The Rude Pundit hopes Colin Powell spends the rest of this Iraq War, the rest of his life in agony. His life is not one of honor - it is one of complicity, of being the good soldier, of being the loyal house negro. He hopes that Powell curls fetal remembering My Lai and his own whitewashing of the massacre when he said, "In direct refutation of this portrayal [of the massacre of civilians] is the fact that relations between American soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent." The Rude Pundit hopes Powell shits himself remembering his lies around the Iran-Contra scandal, covering up for his boss Cap Weinberger. The Rude Pundit hopes that Powell screams in sweaty agony, remembering all the Bosnians "cleansed" by the Serbs when the Bosnians were begging for air support to protect them from Serb air attacks; Powell vehemently opposed U.S. involvement in saving the Bosnians.

But mostly the Rude Pundit hopes Powell's hell is that he has to re-live again and again his presentation before the U.N. Security Council in February 2003, when he may as well have painted his face darker and lips bigger and brighter like a good minstrel and shucked and jived for the world about the phantom threat posed by non-existent weapons, when he had the gall to call Hussein out on massacres and "ethnic cleansing." No, Powell may not have been able to stop the Iraq War, but he could have redeemed the nation in the eyes of the world by speaking the truth. Instead, Powell bears a great, huge amount of responsibility for everything that has happened since then, for Abu Ghraib, for the deaths of American soldiers, for starting a war without overwhelming force, without a clear objective, without an exit strategy. For so publicly demonstrating what a fool and liar he was.

And the achingly worst part was how much faith was put in Powell. As if he might come through for the America he thought was worth less than its leaders. As if he might, once in his life, have betrayed a superior by resigning before the election, when he might have redeemed his sad, murderous, lie-filled life by walking away from the vicious destruction that he enabled, by calling the truly evil what they are. But, no, he waited, until after his boss was re-elected, to be the good soldier to the end, to believe in the man above the nation, as he did his whole life, as every good nigger has ever done for his white masters.

Now he moves on, his bloody hands still filthy, having assured that the bloodshed would continue. Those who worshipped him must now face the truth: the mighty warrior is nothing more than a bitch, a cunt, a little lapdog for the powerful, a trophy, trotted out to impress the gullible. And you can be sure that when Powell writes his memoirs, he will say only that he did what was right, and he'll say that those he served were fine, fine Americans, just like him.