Oh, sweet Jesus, we are stuffed in America, this day after Thanksgiving (except, you know, for those in such poverty that they are forced to go hungry no matter what fucking celebration of fatness occurs, but, hey, for the sake of the entry here, let's not quibble with the forgotten). Yeah, man, we shoved so much turkey, pie, stuffing, and a leaf or two of "salad" into our gaping maws that we thought we'd push the shit right out of our colons. Our gullets are so brimming with holiday goo that if we were certain kinds of birds, we'd be vomiting up our insides.

And now, day after Thanksgiving, motherfuckers, it's time to stuff ourselves again, headin' out to the malls, the Toys R Useseses, the Marts of Wal, goddamn Macy's (and its yearly "fuck you" to the departed Gimbel's), yee-haa, it's American shopping season, and it's our fuckin' birth goddamned right to be able to spend our enormous fistfuls of tax cut dollars on shit. Fuck Darfur. Fuck Mosul. Fuck France, just for the hell of it. It's Chrismas time, and the media are stuffed to the brim with stories of shoppers leaving their Thanksgiving tables with the desiccated turkey still warm to get in line at K-Mart so they can be first to rush through the aisles and get that goddamn discount DVD player or whatever. And then there's the occasional bone thrown to those for whom a soup bone would be bounty in the form of a local news story about some poor fucker who can't afford to shop or about some family whose soldier son or daughter is over in the shit in Iraqistan. Or died there. But then it's back to the mall, bitches, back to the malls. Hell, the media even offer shopping tips because, shit, this is supposed to be a big, big, year, motherfuckers, so get out there and shop.

And back in D.C., the conservatives in Congress are so stuffed with giddy power that they're cashing in checks on the asses of those they perceive as powerless, even in their own party. And the White House, vomiting forth its self-evident crush of power . . . but, shit, it's the Friday after Thanksgiving, innit? And there's this car stereo at Best Buy the Rude Pundit's had his eye on . . .