The Five Stages of Grieving for George Bush's Re-Election (Cont'd):
Left Blogsylvania is in disarray today. Some are saying that we should quickly move beyond anger. Others are saying we shouldn't Monday morning quarterback (to use one of many terms Bush beat to death and made forever vile) the election or John Kerry. But, unless we're like Bush on Iraq, we need to reflect, viciously, on our errors not so we "fight the last campaign," but so we fight the next one without regret for our actions. We're going through a grieving process right now. Some are stuck in early stages, denial and anger. Some are saying to get over it. Instead, listen to the Rude Pundit. We're gonna get through the grief, but, indeed, we need to grieve, for what was and for what will be. The Rude Pundit says that everything you're feeling and raging to express is good, right, and helpful. Today we grieve some more. Tomorrow, we burn anew. Stay tuned, motherfuckers.

Back at 1:00 today with Stages 3 and 4: Bargaining and Depression.