The Shootin' Fish in a Barrel Trilogy (Cont'd):

Deux - Why Ann Coulter Is Still a Cunt (Part 87):

Coulter on CNN's Inside Politics this past Sunday, when confronted with polls that showed most Americans thought Kerry won the second debate, which her batshit insane, eye-twirling mind believed Bush had won: "I mean, if we're just going to cite polls, then there's no point in any of us being here and discussing the debate. You can just run the polls and let us stay home."

Coulter, in her September 29 "column," if by "column" you mean a mad screed written by a sexually repressed self-hating woman whose idea of a good fuckin' is to get small-dicked Republicans to dully smack her with their tiny, blunt, flaccid cocks, "Recent polls show Bush ahead of Kerry by 9 points (CBS-NYT), 6 points (Gallup) or 3 points (Zogby). One Pew poll even put Bush ahead of Kerry by 16 points. The average of national polls has Bush 6 points ahead."

Goddamn, she hates flip-floppers.

Ann Coulter is like the hot chick who's been fucked way, way too many times, to the point of being psychotic and abused, but she's too nutzoid to realize that virtually every man just wants to be another abuser, where the last dick she sucked was a dick too far, but all she knows about love is fucking and getting fucked, so she keeps trying to love those who fuck her over. You're at a bar and you see a woman like Coulter and you've got a choice: do you take her to the alley and fuck her like so many men before? Or do you think you might have a little too much self-respect to even let her blow you?