At Long Last, the Coffin Is Nailed Shut:
Last night, on CNN, Aaron Brown acted like a journalist. After Jamie McIntyre's report on the St. Paul TV station's embedded reporter's visit to Al-Qaqaa, a report which showed, definitively, that explosives were under IAEA seal well after the "coalition" invasion, Brown went to work. "They (the Bush administration) had maintained up until that moment that this tape emerged and the secretary says this in the radio interview, the stuff was moved before . . . Is that argument now off the table?" Brown pressed a clearly uncomfortable McIntyre, who reacted like he had crossed through some looking glass into a strange world where he's not required to suck Donald Rumsfeld's fetid cock. McIntyre, giddy at a breath of fresh air, unencumbered by the smell of Dick Cheney's ass, answered, "Well, clearly barring something that would be really unexpected, this would clearly indicate that some amount, a pretty substantial amount based on the pictures, of that was there on April 18th." Brown then had on David Kay, the first administration darling who took the U.N.'s place in trying to find WMDs and came back mightily pissed that he had been sent on a snipe hunt. Kay said, "It was a team of mine that discovered the HMX originally in 1991. That was one of the most well documented explosive sites in all of Iraq. The other 80 or so major ammunition storage points were also well documented." And at the end of the interview, when Brown was wrapping it up, Kay interrupted Brown to add, "[HMX] was used to bring the Pan Am flight down. It's a very dangerous explosive, particularly in the hands of terrorists."

Fox "News," meanwhile, is desperately trying to do the White House's bidding and clamp down on the story. They're claiming, and this is not bullshit, that, sure, the bunkers might have been sealed, but the air shafts were open. So, like, let's say there's about 350 elephants inside 80 different bunkers. Now, of course, you couldn't shove those elephants out whole. You'd have to hack them up bit by bit and carry the various bits of elephant carcasses out by hand. Probably that'd take a while, no? Anyways, Fox is also saying that the KTSP tape only shows a couple of tons, and the Pentagon has a satellite image of a single truck at a bunker that didn't have explosives, and, oh, by the way, did we tell you there's an unconfirmed terrorist tape of someone who looks suspiciously like Karl Rove with a scarf around his head saying, "Booga, booga, booga, America"? And the legions of zombies who watch Fox "News" and believe the insanity that emanates from its mad reporters and self-sodomizing hosts will lap it up like so many delicious brains and gooey intestines, marching mindlessly to the polls, chanting, "Four more years. Brains. Four more years. Brains." (Goddamn, can you imagine what Fox would have done if John Kerry's campaign had doctored the images of an ad, as the Bush campaign did?)

This isn't just about the media, though, and the briefly found and soon disposed of soul at CNN. It's about how the Bush campaign is trying to say this doesn't matter. That it's no big deal. That it's still possible the explosives were moved before the war. In other words, the Bush administration will go to war based on weapons that no one can confirm are there or not, but it will deny that videotape and witnesses are telling the truth about missing explosives. That's like cutting the nuts off your husband because you suspect he's cheating on you, but saying "This isn't what it looks like" when he walks in on you when the lawn guy is balls deep in your face.

What we're getting here is the sound of the coffin closing on this sham of a government "of the people." Let's nail this fucker shut and bury these bastards alive. If you listen to Bush's speeches, it sounds like the last gasps and scratches on the coffin lid of the catatonic before he runs out of air. Even the President's written speeches have become barely coherent and supremely illogical. When he says, as he did yesterday, "A President needs to get all the facts before jumping to politically-motivated conclusions," does Bush mean that after getting all the facts, it's okay to jump to a politically-motivated conclusion? When he says, "I've learned to expect the unexpected because history can deliver sudden horror from a soft autumn sky," does he understand that September 11 is a summer date? Or is he talking about the coming election as the "sudden horror"?

Slam the fuckin' lid and let's throw the dirt on 'em while we still hear 'em scream. The explosives? Hammer that fucking nail. FBI probe of Halliburton? Hammer that fucking nail. Rudy Giuliani blaming the troops? Hammer that fucking nail hard. Keep on hammering those nails and put 'em in the ground. Let's cover the hole, and tamp down the dirt, and then let's walk away as we hear 'em all, Condi, Colin, Don, Dick, John, and George, clawing at each other, trying to dig themselves out of all the earth and shit and worms that they've been buried in. But then let's be done with graves. There's been too, too many. Let's turn our backs and walk away from the graveyard. Let's shut the gate. Enough destruction. We've got some building to do.