Appetizer: According to Fox "News," Lesbians Are Like "Winos":
So the Rude Pundit flipped on over to Fox "News" this morning, around 7 a.m., to get his morning dose of hate and bile. There, on Fox and Friends, the three hosts gabble-gobbled about John Kerry's mention of Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter during Wednesday's debate (which, we should all be reminded, came in response to a question about whether the candidates thought that homosexuality was a "choice"). Generally, the Rude Pundit zones out into fantasies of fucking ice queen E.D. Hill until her roots turn blonde.

But this morning Hill said that what Kerry said, and his ensuing explanation of "I was trying to say something positive about the way strong families deal with this issue," was like calling someone's child a "wino" and then saying that the family is strong in dealing with a "wino." There you go. All the ugliness that is conservative sexual repression welling up in a single comparison. Lesbians are like winos in this world. Or pedophiles. Or sinners.

Beyond the whole Sanford and Son-esque use of "wino," isn't this what's got real and actual gay people upset? Like, say Andrew Sullivan, noted fellater and conservative, who rightly notes that what's really at work here is the right wing's discomfort with and animosity towards homosexuality. Unlike Hill, who wants to use a perjorative term as an analogy, how about this: what if Bob Schieffer had asked the men about, say, education for children, and Kerry had mentioned how great Cheney's other daughter, presumed fellater Elizabeth, her husband, and their four children are and how much Lynne and Satan loved their grandchildren? Would anyone have given a happy rat's ass about that?

Next Course: O'Reilly.