Republican Dominatrixes in Congress:
The great thing about bondage is the whole domination thing. See, when master says you're bad, you're supposed to agree. You don't question master or you might find yourself handcuffed to the ceiling of the basement with a ball in your mouth, a vibrator in your ass, and tight clips on your nipples. Yep, slave must listen to master. But remember: in every good bondage relationship, slave must be a willing participant in his/her own degradation; slave must even get off on it, cumming constantly at the thought of the warm cut of master's leather whip.

For most of the last two-plus years, since September 11, 2001, Democrats in Congress have let their Republican masters freely smack their asses, put chains on their collars, and drag them around bare-balled in public. With no resistance, Republicans in the House and Senate have more or less decided they can have their way with the slave Dems. Master wants me to give away our civil rights in the guise of patriotism? Yes, Master. Master wants me to write a blank check for the idiot king to wage unending war? Yes, Master. Master wants to fuck me with a fifteen-inch rubber dildo? Yes, Master.

So it's gotta be a surprise that the slaves are getting restless, starting with the way in which Dems used the filibuster to block extremist judges from getting approval by the Senate. It doesn't mean the slaves will become the dominatrixes, all fishnet, masks, and gloves, but maybe, just maybe, it means they'll get some velvet on those goddamn handcuffs.

Take, for example, the latest cynical attempt to slam through a racist, radical, incompetent, unyielding judge to a Circuit Court position. The Bush Administration thinks that it can deflect criticism by nominating people of different races (see the failed nomination of Miguel Estrada, whose sole qualification appears to be that he's not white). Now, after Republicans accused Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee of hating Hispanics and Catholics for previous filibustered nominations, they get to call the Dems racist again for opposing the nomination of Janice Rogers Brown, whose sole qualification appears to be that she's African American. Republicans, screaming like constipated baboons, threw slander and hatred at the Democrats' opposition to a woman who screeches the culture wars like so many banshees on the bog: At one speech, she said, "Where government moves in, community retreats, civil society disintegrates and ability to control our own destiny atrophies," leading to "a debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible." She's a conservative's wet dream.

Slave must continue to be disobedient. At some point, slave must take the whip from master and teach master the sweet kiss of the whip.