People With Nothing Better to Do Descend on Virginia and DC:
A bunch of fucking insane closeted homosexuals have gathered in Virginia for today's festival of latency. Calling it a rally to "Restore the Constitution," it's all about open-carry of loaded firearms on the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. But, really, it's just an excuse for a bunch of pansy-ass motherfuckers who are afraid of fucking their Bud-butt-buddies to walk around with ludicrously large penis substitutes and call it "freedom." God fucking bless America, man, God fucking bless us.

It's being done despite the fact that another rally is taking place across the river in DC, a Second Amendment March. But, see, in that march, the pistol-fellaters aren't allowed to carry, so it isn't quite as rife with unspoken homoerotic desire. And the Second Amendment March people are adamantly clear: "The media and bloggers have been falsely reporting that Second Amendment March is an armed rally. Their information is false. We don't know where this rumor originally started, but it seems that it has been perpetuated despite our very clear posting on our site that the unlawful carrying of firearms is not permitted. These people may be confusing us with another group that is holding an armed rally in Virginia on the same day as Second Amendment March. That group is a separate entity entirely and is not at all associated with the Second Amendment March event." You know shit's weird when the pathetic losers at the DC march are trying to say that those people across the way are fucking crazy.

Besides, at the Virginia rally, you can talk from the back of a pick-up truck (really). It's a piquant mix of militias, birthers, and racists. Mostly, all three of those in one.

Enough with the jokes about "ooh, gun=penis=closeted gays." The whole effort is so ludicrous. Marching in support of the right to bear arms in this country is as useless as having a march to keep ice cream cold. It's a lie, it's a scam. It's like everyone organizing everyone of these bullshit "whip up the yokels" marches or rallies or tea parties or facefuckfests or whatever are just Glenn Beck wannabes who have seen how much cash can be made from old-time hucksterism and exploitation.

Because Obama ain't gonna do a damn thing about gun laws. But that doesn't change the perception, fomented by vile con men, like televangelists of a couple of decades ago, swindling the spare change from the purses of the imbeciles because they think a black man must wanna take away the weapons they wanna kill him with. He doesn't.

And it's just gonna get nuttier and nuttier here in the USA, as Bill Clinton said this weekend. Fuck, there's already groups for whom the NRA isn't quite hardcore enough, people who sodomize themselves with their loaded rifles, and hope for the day when you can walk around Wal-Mart and your kid's high school football game with a loaded Glock.

The saddest part is that, should any of these little groups of fucktarded terrorist wannabes actually attempt anything, they would be wiped out by the cops and the feds. It wouldn't even be close. And they know it. It's all bluster and nonsense. Timothy McVeigh was a little bitch who ran away from the truck and didn't make a stand of any sort. He got lucky. And that was as brave as they get.

So let the mini-McVeighs have their punk-ass rally where they can compare gun sizes.