Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Sign DNR Orders For the Nation:

Here's President George W. Bush at a health center in Omaha. He spoke about how great he was that he accomplished something in getting community health centers built. And he added, "I really appreciate you giving me a chance to come to -- part of our national strategy is to make sure the uninsured can find good-quality primary care. This center serves -- 85 percent of its people don't speak English as a first language. By far, the vast majority are low-income. And yet they're receiving first-class quality care." Relying on barely funded community centers might not seem like the best strategy for helping the uninsured, like that incredibly old woman up there next to that rich guy and the doctor. But then you're thinking like someone who doesn't believe in the amazing, splendiferous continuum between private and public entities.

In other words, if everyone is insured, then the fuckin' commies have won. Sorry, old lady. Hope you liked meeting the rich guy.

Oh, as he was leaving, a reporter shouted a question at the President about Iran's reaction to the NIE: "They want an apology from the United States, and compensation, sir. Will you do that?"

Demonstrating once again that he's a serious man in charge of serious issues, Bush replied, "You can mark down I chuckled." Yeah, it's damn funny when you've chanted war cries like the last Commanche looking down at a desert valley filled with the dead members of your bleeding tribe, the laughing man lunging headlong off the cliff because that's all that's left to do.