Weekly Reason Bill O'Reilly Should Be Sodomized With a Microphone (Week 4):
Here's the Rude Pundit's tip to would-be television "news" executives: Don't put people with obvious obsessive-compulsive disorder on the air. Bill O'Reilly is like your neighbor's little bitch dog that grabs your newspaper and won't let go no matter how many times you beat the shit out of with a slipper. That little motherfucker is gonna get that paper just to prove it can. So O'Reilly, Fox "news" personality, "commentator," and droopy right nut, won't let go of his pimp-slapping on NPR. O'Reilly went on NPR's Fresh Air to hawk his "book," and host Terry Gross questioned him about his fight with Al Franken, his bullying, and, well, his book. For weeks, O'Reilly has been ranting like the homeless guy on the corner who hears his fleas tell him about Jesus. And, true to the mob mentality of his viewers, many wrote to NPR to complain, although it should be noted that there is a qualitative difference between a well thought out letter and a "fuck-you-you-commie-cunt-for-dissin-
my-Billy-boy-god-I-love-that-man-I-want-to-fuck-him-so-bad-oh-did-I-just-say-that-out-loud" scrawled on a Hooter's napkin.

O'Reilly fairly crows about the NPR Ombudsman saying that the interview was "unfair." However, O'Reilly claims that the Ombudsman "took some shots at me," but leaves it at that. In reality, the Ombudsman's statment essentially laments the whole sordid affair and says that NPR should not give O'Reilly the place to speak his vile brand of self-righteous hatred.

Will O'Reilly finally allow this blow to his apparently boundlessly huge ego alone? Or will he be happy only when the Bush Administration defunds NPR and he gets to piss on the ashes of WHYY, the Philadelphia station that presents Gross's show?