Tell Me About the Rabbits, Colin:
At some point here, someone close to him needs to tell the President about the rabbits, tell him to stare out into the field until he can see the rabbits. Because clearly living in the real world is just not possible for this coke-snorting, drunk driving, legacy admitted, corporation-ruining, insider trading, AWOL, ignorant fucker we have in the White House. Not only did this stupid sumbitch admit to the world that he doesn't read newspapers or watch news, preferring, instead, to get his information from house negro Condi or other liars, but he refuses to tell us the reality of Iraq for two simple reasons: he's too fucking blind from neocon dogma and just plain goddamned old-fashioned, Texas valued stupidity to know any better. How else do you explain his dimwitted response to the multiple bombings in Iraq that killed 40 and injured hundreds? Here's your President, bleating like a sheared sheep, saying that terrorists "can't stand the thought of a free society. They hate freedom. They love terror. They love to try to create fear and chaos," which means that he understands in the most rudimentary way the definition of terrorists. It's like saying that a guy who fucks mules can't stand the thought of fucking anything but mules, can't understand why anyone would want to fuck something that's not a mule, and, by the way, I think I'll fuck this mule.

Jesus Christ, at some fucking point doesn't all this have to come crashing down? All of the lying, stonewalling, and greed? Seriously, if we live in a country that has any shred of self-respect, decency, and common good, doesn't this all have to add up to something? Or are we Americans finally like the abused wife, the one who gets smacked around but keeps going back to her guy no matter how many of her friends and family say he's destroying her.

At some point, what do you say to that woman, that friend who you thought you understood? Eventually, you're going to think she knows better, but she can't help it. She's just too deluded and self-destructive to listen.