Hey, It Wasn't Serial Groping - Arnold Was Just Trying To Encourage Polygamy:
Chalk up one more Republican publicly sucking Schwarzenegger cock. Orrin Hatch, Mormon, Clinton hater, and general hemorrhoid on the asshole of the republic, has declared that he supports Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor of California and that we should all just back the fuck up a second and forget all the sexual harassment, group sex, and shitty violent films. Instead, Hatch wants us to think of Arnie the happily married man and Maria Shriver fucking in domestic bliss, and forget that some of the accusations come during his years of wedded bliss. You know, the Rude Pundit realizes that after today it's all over for California except for the hangover, like the one you get from a night of Ecstasy and vodka when you wake up and realize you really did go down on the fat chick you met but don't remember how and you spit her pubes out your mouth and try to think about how to tell her to get out of your bed. But Hatch is especially vile among the Repubs who sold out every family value they lied about: here's the Mormon take on sex. It's called the "Law of Chastity." So Hatch not only sold out his hateful political dogma, he chucked his religion like a Catholic schoolgirl backstage at a Nelly show. The whoredom is detailed here.