Because Nothing Succeeds Like Success:
Is anything funnier in this country right now than how quickly President Bush and his henchmen are crumbling into defensive, whiny pussies? Really, and, come on, it's just so fucking funny, like watching a crack house burn while all the junkheads stumble around trying to slap out the flames on their decaying clothes just before they race back into the fire to save a couple of rocks from the inferno. Here's Secretary of Defense and embodiment of scab-covered evil Donald Rumsfeld on what he understands about his unceremonious pimp slapping by the White House and the State Department over the reorganization of rebuilding efforts in Iraq: "I said I don't know. Isn't that clear? You don't understand English?" Rumsfeld later explained to the German reporter that someone had slipped Ex-Lax into his Metamucil, and he had to take a screaming shit in the press room stalls.

The President, Vice-President, and others in the administration all have sand in their vaginas. Wildly lying about Iraq's non-threat to the United States (and let's be clear here: these are lies - they are not misspoken misinterpretation of misbegotten intelligence- our "leaders" are lying to us-and don't give me the fucking bullshit about "all politicians lie"- these vile, evil fuckers are lying to us worse than a cheating husband to his Mob Boss father-in-law - be a fucking grown up and accept that - then all else becomes clear), Bush and Team Fuck-the-Public are trying to raise the toilet-flushed ratings the President now deserves. Cheney, today before the group of slavering conservative mongrelfuckers at the Heritage Foundation, said, ominously, "As long as George W. Bush is president of the United States, this country will not permit gathering threats to become certain tragedies," or, to say it another way, Fuck you, we don't fucking care what you have to say, we have the bombs and we're gonna use 'em.