Trump's Continuing COVID Murder Spree

Lemme tell you something fucked up: This past summer, a close friend of my niece died of COVID-19. He was 19 years-old and had asthma but was otherwise healthy. It was fucking horrible, with him on a ventilator or receiving ECMO treatment for a month. That's a nightmare for him, for his family and friends, but it's not even the fucked-up part. 

See, the family is hardcore Catholic, as many people in south Louisiana tend to be. And they held a novena at their church for their son and brother shortly after his death. This past week, my niece told me that she attended, and she said that almost no one wore masks. You got that? At a ceremony for a young person who died of coronavirus, most of the attendees were maskless. My niece wore one, and I said, "Please tell me the family did."

She responded, "Yeah, they wore masks. But almost nobody else did." She said that the priest did but not  any of the friends who got up to speak.  

Doesn't that make you furious? Don't you just wanna go up to the unmasked stupid people there and yell, "What the fuck's wrong with you?" from six feet away? Of course, they'd respond that masks don't work or something something freedom or they'll tell you some shit Donald Trump mouth-defecated. 

Trump has completely checked out on anything other than his dual cash-grab con job and attempt to overturn the results of the election. In his deranged interview with accomplice Maria Bartiromo this past Sunday on Fox "news," Trump didn't mention the pandemic at all. Today, Trump has tweeted or retweeted 40 different times so far, and not a goddamn word about coronavirus. Truly the last time he had anything to say about it was when he did his vaccine self-fellatio show in mid-November, where he blew himself about the rapidity with which vaccines have been developed while forcing the people involved in Operation Warp Speed (can we just take a moment to say how fucking childish that sounds?) to tickle his prostate with praise for his "leadership." Yes, the man who we are damned to have as president for another 7 weeks cared a fuck of a lot about what Catturd2 on Twitter had to say about mythical ballots in Arizona, but not a sympathetic fart for the sick and the dead, for the doctors and the nurses, for the overloaded hospitals. He's done with that shit.

I know we're all having a good time watching Trump lose court case after court case, and I have nothing but schadenfreude and gleeful contempt for the previously ass-kissing Republicans who Trump has  attacked for not being sufficiently corrupt. To an extent, that's a sideshow now. Yes, there are depths of depraved criminality in this disgraceful failure of an administration that will be revealed like the foul layers of a rotting onion where each one you peel off gets you closer to the fetid center that you know might make you vomit in revulsion. We will have time for that.

What we have to deal with right now is that the virus is rampaging through the country, and goddamn this president, most of his pathetic party of greedy whores and manic dunces, and the shit birds of the right-wing media for not only continuing to lie about COVID, but for turning nearly half the country into brainless drones who declare that they are happy to die rather than skip a weekend date night at Logan's Roadhouse or who believe that the virus isn't real and will screech that at hospital personnel as they gasp their last natural breaths before being intubated. Goddamn them for making all of this political. The anti-mask/COVID-denier crowd should be an easily ignored fringe, not the mainstream of any part of American society, not an entire movement. And we all know who to blame.

Hospitals are full in Rhode Island. They are full in New Mexico. Alabama is reporting some full hospitals.  California is heading there quickly. Utah, Michigan, big states, small states, Democratic-led, Republican-led, it doesn't fucking matter. 99,000 people were hospitalized today. Nearly 2500 died. That's almost a 9/11, which happened over 19 years ago and very few people complain about still taking off their fucking shoes at the airport. But a mask and reduction in public activities? Nah, fuck that. In Florida yesterday, where cases just passed 1 million, Governor Ron DeSantis, the man most likely to be found in a murder/suicide love triangle with a manatee and a sex doll, dismissed the idea of a mask mandate, declaring moronically, "I’m opposed to mandates, period. I don’t think they work" and that he wants to let international travelers back into the state, like from Brazil. Good luck, Sunshine State.

This is not to even get into the cruel strain on health care workers. The nation was stretched thin for nurses before the pandemic. Now that's become a greater crisis, with some hospitals allowing COVID-positive but asymptomatic nurses to work and others having personnel work 36-hour shifts. But the number of patients to each nurse is rising, and there is a point where even if you have the beds, you don't have the workers. Oh, and there's still a shortage of PPE. Oh, and I haven't even talked about the economic crisis that Republicans refuse to offer relief from.

As much as I blame Trump for all his neglect prior to the election, what he's doing now is even more unforgivable because we fucking know what's going to happen and still he parades his grievances about losing the election instead of lifting one of his Vienna sausage fingers to help. It's monstrous. And we should never forget and never forgive him for putting us through this as a country, for warping us even more than we had already been warped, for weaponizing the virus and using it as a murder weapon as sure as if he were putting Americans up against a wall and gunning them down.

I'm not telling you anything you don't know. But as all this other shit comes out, about pardons, about death threats to Republicans who say there is no voter fraud, about whatever the fuck Attorney General Barr is up to, let's keep in mind that that motherfucking psychopath in the White House doesn't give a damn if we live and that he's dragged all of us down into the bottomless pit of his self-pity and unabated rage. 

Start with murder charges. Go from there.