Haiku Review of 2020 (Part 2): The New Abnormal

Sweet Jesus, it's like you've all been holding your haiku all year, denying yourself sweet release until the call went out yesterday to email it to the Rude Pundit. Already, you've sent about a hundred of 'em. Bring 'em on. I want to feel the fullness of your poetic effulgence. Spray your words at me from all over the motherfuckin' world.

Here are some of the best (which means the ones I liked most):

From Sheldon in Germany
punch the billionaire
comfy in the guillotine
now greet the basket

From Heaather in Sun City, AZ
Choose which misery:
Stay home in my bubble, or
Put the bra back on?

From Jeff in Omaha, NE
Trump's Lies About Covid
This will go away.
Bleach cleans out the body, right?
It will disappear.

From Rabbitearz in Los Angeles
I watched my mother
Die in a Zoom video.
How is this humane?

From lUomino from Vogosphere
COVID does not care
Whether you believe in it
Distance, mask, stay well!

From Dan in Bellingham
A toilet flushing
The sound of 2020
Turning one year old

From Chris in Hong Kong
Freedom in Hong Kong
Fear and white terror abound
China's just starting

From Mark in Tennessee
A Day in Cookeville, TN
Wear a mask, dickhole!
No, I gotta have Freedom.
We are so damn fucked.

From HWB in Germany
So many victims
Surely we have learned something
Oh look a squirrel

From VJ in NJ
A fitting shortage
Toilet paper and cleaner
For a year of shit

I've only been through the first 24 hours of haiku. So keep your hopes alive if you've sent them in. More tomorrow. And probably Saturday. Once again: 5-7-5 syllables. Titled or untitled. Send 'em to: rudepundit (at) yahoo.com. And make sure you tell me your nom de rude and some place somewhere. 

(The title up top is from the new Strokes album, which sounded like an old Strokes album, which means it was really fucking good.)