Haiku Review of 2020 (Part 3): It Is What It Is

Goddamn, 2020 has brought out the haiku-ing. So far, I've gotten more of them than ever, like 300, which is a lot of fuckin' haiku. Big, sincere thanks for all the efforts so far. Here we go with more of the best, from all around the US, North America, and the fuckin' world.

From Liz in Salt Lake City
Self Care
Year twenty twenty
Discover masturbation
As if the first time

From Jeanne in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
When there are no real
consequences to lying
democracy dies

From Tony in Milwaukee
Just a Few More Weeks
Your National Nightmare Ends
Not For Us Black Folks.

From Paradoctor in San Francisco
Orange sky all day
Brexit, BLM, Covid
What an awful year

From Hiding from the Corona in San Diego
A cesspool of lies
Seventy-five million dolts
Election facepalm

From Ruth in Oregon
Sitting on my couch
Wearing blankets and a robe
Thousands dead today

From Uncle Larry
Fucking circus clown.                                  
Tried to take the system down.            
You lose, you bitchface.

From Anthony in Washington
Too Much Winning
Hitler and Tojo
Killed fewer Yanks than you, Trump.
Suck their balls in Hell.

From Cerato in Sacramento
Every day at home
I stare at various screens.
Braless since April.

From Abbott in AZ
Barr ran away quick
tired of sucking Trump's dick
taste never go 'way

From Giacomo in California
Searching for Lindsey 
Was hard.  Jared in the way
Deep inside Trump’s ass.

From one of a handful of liberals in a very red county in Southern California
Senator Hawley
Is surely Joshing us now
Voter Fraud was nil

From Debra in Brinnon
Spot on, Frannie
My dog makes more sense
We talk a lot on dark days
Quarantine visions

From Dave in Maine
the bench
AOC, Abrams
Katie Porter, Buttigieg
To name just a few

From doncjesuis from Eschaton
Not Crazy
QAnon believes
That Trump fights pedophiles
No, seriously

From Bill in Australia
California Dreaming
When ER is full
you can die in the gift shop
the rich get tax cuts

From Tippie in Ottawa
A Canadian Observes
The view from up here?
Well, it's dubious at best.
Time to build a wall.

California girl expat in Saudi Arabia
COVID came to town
And while the world was on pause
I learned to bake bread.

I still have about 100 more to get through, so there's gonna be one more day of these. Gird yer loins.

(The title is from Thundercat's amazing 2020 album. Get your funk-jazz fusion on.)