In Brief: Minneapolis Protest Shooters Are White Assholes, Of Course

Of course, the men who shot into the crowd of protesters during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Minneapolis over another cop killing another unarmed black male, Jamar Clark, were white assholes. There was a brief moment when an Hispanic man was arrested, and you could feel the hearts of racists grow three sizes as they prepared mighty blog posts to say, "See? It wasn't just white assholes."

Except, in the end, it was three white assholes because it's almost always white assholes. And, of course, almost tediously so, the white assholes were enamored of shit like Confederate symbols and militia nonsense and guns, guns, guns, motherfuckers, guns.

The protests for Clark continued Tuesday, even in the wake of Monday's shooting. They will pause today as Clark is buried by his family.

Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving, and we will break bread and rip apart turkeys to celebrate the white assholes who "started" this country on crime and murder, what we rightly call our "heritage."