The Rude Pundit on BBC Radio, Talking Jon Stewart

The Rude Pundit was going to wait until The Daily Show's Jon Stewart had actually left before he eulogized about it. But when the BBC beckons and you get to talk to people who sound so much smarter than we do here in the colonies, well, it was impossible to resist. So, whiskey in hand, a little after midnight, he spoke to Nuala McGovern:

Back later with more less mournful rudeness.

(Note: The BBC World Service Radio page on Soundcloud says that the Rude Pundit worked at The Daily Show. That is an error, not a Brian Williams-esque self-inflation, aka "lie." The Rude Pundit told the BBC that he had the privilege to work with Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead on another project, which is totally true and apparently not-so-easily condensed. Hopefully, it will be corrected soon.)