One More Thing About Giuliani Regarding Obama, America, and Pogroms

When disturbed nad gnasher Rudy Giuliani went bugfuck insane and said President Obama doesn't love America, which is totally why Obama wanted to be president of, you know, America, there's one thing he said that has been little discussed while everyone was having a worthless discussion on whether or not Obama loves the country.  Citing one of the reasons he was ever elected mayor of New York City, Giuliani said, "I thought the Crown Heights riots were a pogrom because you’re going out trying to kill Jews. Why is [Obama] incapable of saying that? You’ve got to be able to criticize Islam for the parts of Islam that are wrong. You criticize Christianity for the part of Christianity that is wrong."

Rudy was referring to the 1991 incident when a Jewish man crashed his car onto a sidewalk in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, resulting in the death of an African American child. Three days of rioting followed, targeting Jews and Jewish buildings, including the stabbing death of a Jewish man. Mayor David Dinkins, who is black, was criticized for his handling of the riots, and, as a candidate for the office in 1993, Giuliani humped the Crown Heights riots like they were hookers named 9 and 11. He exploited the shit out of them, using the word "pogrom" and using it to turn whites against blacks in the city, including the black mayor.

Now Giuliani is bragging about his mighty and courageous honesty, but let's be clear here: At no point did Giuliani ever criticize a religion. At no point did he ever say that "radical Christians" were responsible for the violence against Jews. (And historically, you know, it was Christians in Russia who went all pogrom on the Jews.)  Also, at no point did Giuliani even have the balls to say that "radical blacks" were rioting.  He didn't do it because it would have been a political death sentence, and it would have exacerbated an already volatile situation. All mighty and courageous Rudy Giuliani did by calling the riots a "pogrom" was to say the victims were Jewish. Well, no fucking shit, Mr. Prosecutor.

So, actually, in talking about the victims of violence while not labeling the terrorists "Islamists" or some such shit, Obama is acting just like Giuliani.

The most pathetic part of this whole episode is that someone thought that future presidential candidate Scott Walker needed some of the Giuliani shine to rub off on him. That's right: there are people who still believe that cowardly asshole who gobbles air time like a horny power bottom gobbles cock on a Fire Island weekend is relevant, that he's not just a worn-out anus who needs to use bigger and spikier dildos to feel anything.  We probably need to count Giuliani's continued presence on the national stage as one of the worst things terrorists did to us on 9/11.