In Brief: Bloodthirsty Fox "News" Needs More Blood

That's a screenshot of the Fox "news" website. It is the start of the entire 22 minute video made and edited by the Islamic State, and it shows the execution by burning of Lt. Moaz al-Kasassbeh of Jordan. It is a recruitment film, it is propaganda, and Fox just gave it the biggest audience in ISIS's history (the Rude Pundit won't link to it because fuck ISIS).

Now, this blog post is not to condemn Fox for spreading ISIS's message. It is to condemn Fox for being hypocritical little bitches. 'Cause, see, this would be the same Fox "news" that sternly refused to show the caskets of Americans killed in the "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan.They didn't want your delicate sensibilities offended by such sadness.

Or maybe it's just that Fox so desperately wants to fan the flames of war in order to, what? profit Murdoch more? Rupert needs a scrotum tuck?, that they will give you the appalling violence without showing the consequences on Americans. They want ground troops, damnit, and they want blood.

Freedom of the press lets them show the video. Freedom of speech lets us say they are dog-fucking bottom feeders.