Updates and Corrections: Dickweeds, Penises, and Jeff Sessions:
Correction: Earlier this week, the Rude Pundit said that "Herman Cain really likes to bang (or try to bang) white women." Apparently, Ginger White, with whom Cain allegedly had a 13-year affair, is, despite her deceptive name, black. So Herman Cain's penis knows no racial prejudice. He is, however, a scumsucking corporate piggy, no matter what his penis has done.

: Several sources said that Ann Coulter was bleeped on Morning Joe on MSNBC on Monday because she called John McCain a "douchebag." She has clarified that, in fact, she called him a "dickweed." What has not been clarified is why Ann Coulter, who this week wrote, for the 8 billionth time, about Bill Clinton and Paula Jones, is considered relevant in any conversation.

: Amendment 1274 to the National Defense Authorization Act, proposed by Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions, failed last night by a 41-59 vote. The amendment said that, if you're an enemy combatant that wins some kind of lottery and actually gets a trial, your potential acquittal does not mean you will be freed. Apparently, the Senate decided that other language in the bill that says someone can be held forever covered it. The bill itself passed 93-7.

Oh, and here's the Rude Pundit on Monday's Stephanie Miller Show: