The Most Elitist, Idiotic Paragraph You'll See This Week in a Major Newspaper:
Just for a quick hit of pure, sadistic glee, the Rude Pundit is sharing this one paragraph from the latest "column" (if by "column," you mean, "the numbingly stupid rantings of someone Glenn Beck finds credible") by oh-so-sassy, neo-Coulter S.E. Cupp in the New York Daily News:

"If you’ve spent any time in the American South (I began this week in North Carolina, incidentally), you know it’s a land where your picture is made and not taken, Auburn is a religion and not a color and there are no problems that a little sweet tea and barbecued ribs can’t solve. I will not argue the last point."

Where is this fantasy place, this South-Land amusement park? And what was the whole "column" about? Who the fuck cares? Once you've written something so unbearably patronizing and smugly elitist, like a Victorian anthropologist delighted with the time spent with the wogs, you have lost any shred of credibility on anything.

(One other thing - and, yeah, sometimes meaningless shit sticks in the Rude Pundit's craw: that last sentence, "I will not argue the last point." Sarah, Sarah, you're the one making the initial assertion. If you might argue with it, why the fuck make it in the first place? And the assumption is that if you make a point, you're not gonna dispute it immediately. Apparently, "editing" is not really something the editors at the Daily News do.)

Okay, seriously, back in a few with Cain.