Photos to Remind You About That Thing Going On in Afghanistan:
SFC Benari Poulten, who you should follow on the Twitter machine, sent these pictures from Howz-e Madad, which, according to Google Earth, is approximately on the ass crack of nowhere in Afghanistan.

Poulten, who Jon Stewart dubbed "GI Jew" and who calls himself "America's most adorable soldier," said that "we helped open a new school, police station, and medical clinic." (Your objection that we need schools, police stations, and medical clinics paid for by the federal government right here in the USA is duly noted and appreciated.)

And here's your happy foreign children, with remarkably good teeth, smiling for the camera.

The Rude Pundit doesn't put this up here for any kind of "balance" or some such shit. He wants this war over now and Benari and all the troops home. It's just that reality is always complicated. And for all the bad that we've done in Afghanistan, we're still trying to do bits of good and those bits of good actually do help some of the people we've harmed.