Note to Journalists Regarding the Tony Kushner/CUNY Board of Trustees Story:
Just sayin', but if the Rude Pundit was a good journalist and he was looking into why Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner was denied an honorary degree at John Jay College by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York thanks in large part to trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld objecting to Kushner's criticism of Israel, he might look at this angle:

In 2007, the College of Staten Island, another CUNY school, gave an honorary degree to Democracy Now's Amy Goodman. Goodman, who, like Kushner, is Jewish, is routinely condemned as an anti-Semite for her views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Indeed, not a week goes by without a report on Democracy Now about the mistreatment of the people of Gaza.

You know who was on the CUNY Board of Trustees, which has to approve all of these honorary degrees, at the time? Jeffrey Wiesenfeld.

Huh. Two people with the same level of criticism of Israel. Wonder what's different about Kushner. One wonders...

Now, go get 'em, tigers