Dead Terrorist (In Brief):
Yeah, you know, the woman who climbed the light pole near Ground Zero late last night and flashed her bra to the cheering, chanting crowd, according to WNYC, that was probably someone who didn't really get what the hell just happened. Or someone who just associated any occasion with drunkenness and tit-showing. America loves booze, boobs, and killing.

Yes, yes, let's get it out of our systems. Look, hey, sure, fine, enjoy yourselves, dear, happy Americans, holding that Osamagasm in for ten long years. How nice it must be to finally spew that jizz of jingoism right into dead bin Laden's bullet hole. Oh, shit, yeah, it's good to be a liberal who gets to be bloodthirsty for the right reasons. How sweet it is, no?

No, really, though. It's okay for a second or two to say, "Yippee-kay-yay, motherfuckers." It's okay to enjoy the defeat of an avowed violent asshole. It happens everywhere. When the execution of dictator Nicolai Ceausescu was announced in 1989, Romania exploded into celebration and debauchery. So, you know, it's human, so tragically human, to dance over the remains of your enemies. Have at for a few minutes. And then let's clean off the patriotic spunk and get back to work.

Are we leaving Afghanistan now, let alone Iraq? Are we going to stop the relentless cutting back of civil liberties? Are Republicans gonna treat President Obama like a leader and not the lawn jockey who won the lottery? (That we'll discuss later.)

One last note: the Rude Pundit finds it sadly funny that, after a trillion plus dollars spent on the wars, after thousands of soldiers killed, that what it took to get Osama bin Laden was a criminal investigation and an intelligence operation followed by a quick strike. As we ponder our dead, all our dead, as we remember and make silly statements about "closure," let us wonder what might have been for the United States had that been our approach all along.