Praise Paul Clement for Taking the DOMA Case? Fuck That Guy:
So Bush the Dumber's former Solicitor General, Paul Clement, got hired by congressional Republicans to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which says, in essence, "Queer love is icky," because the Obama administration finally decided there is some shit they will not eat and refuses to defend it in court. Clement's big-ass law firm, King and Spaulding, under criticism from the Human Rights Campaign and others, decided to cover its financial ass and drop the case. Then Clement quit the firm on principle and took his wubby over to a smaller firm. Then Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder criticized the gay rights groups for criticizing the law firm and said, "Paul Clement is a great lawyer and has done a lot of really great things for this nation." And others are aghast at the way Clement has been treated when all that happened was, after all, free enterprise, supply and demand, man.

Why are Democrats going out of their way to praise Clement? On DOMA and a hundred other things, fuck that guy. Motherfucker was Bush's Solicitor General. That means he signed off on the evil shit that Democrats are supposed to have opposed, including waterboarding. He became acting Attorney General after Alberto Gonzales was whipped out of DC like a rabid pug bitch.

Here's Clement defending power of the president during wartime to the Supreme Court in the 2004 Jose Padilla case: "I think the fact that executive discretion in a war situation can be abused is not a good and sufficient reason for judicial micromanagement in overseeing of that authority. You have to recognize that in situations were there the government is on a war footing, you have to trust the executive." For Clement, in this case, the Supreme Court was micromanaging the president. Shit, his bio proudly lists that he argued for the indefinite detention of Americans in the Padilla case. Fuck that guy. Fuck him in the ass with a gavel.

Clement was there for all of it. Sure, he was an administration official doing his job, but if he had any qualms, he could have quit. He obviously has no problem with that. He argued the case for banning so-called "partial-birth" abortions. He argued for military tribunals for detainees. As acting AG, he helped assert executive privilege over documents related to the firing of U.S. Attorneys, thus helping the cover-up of that illegal activity. Cheney's energy task force, EPA rules, age discrimination, and on and on, always on the side of evil.

Hell, as a law professor, he supported the Bush v. Gore decision.

So could we just show a little backbone here. And instead of rushing to be all nice and compassionate as he again and again screws over democracy, could we just say, "Yeah, that happened. But you know what? Fuck that guy."