Binyam Mohamed: A Dossier Fragmentation Poem:
(Taken from one of the newly-leaked files of a detainee at Guantanamo Bay. This is from a 2008 assessment of how very dangerous Binyam Mohamed supposedly was. Despite being "high risk," he was released in 2009 to UK custody. He said he was tortured to get his confessions; he was accused by Abu Zubaydah of plotting to explode a dirty bomb. Zubaydah was repeatedly waterboarded in order to get this information.)

"The following section is based on the detainee's
own account. Without consideration of veracity."

"In 1992, [Mohamed] traveled to Maryland and New Jersey with his father."
(Note: he was 14 at the time)

Arrested in Karachi, Pakistan August 9, 2002
"The police transferred him to an investigative center.
During the next two months, investigators were able to determine
[Mohamed's] true identity,
his association with al-Qaida,
and his plan to use a 'dirty bomb'..."

Property held: None

Transferred to Bagram for nearly two years.
Transferred to Gitmo September 19, 2004.

"During an interrogation in 2004, [Mohamed]
admitted guilt on his part and 'wished to bring
his case to a peaceful resolution.'"

"[Mohamed] expressed his desire for martyrdom
while targeting the US and any other opponent
of al-Qaida."

In December 2006, [Mohamed] "said 'Americans are our enemies,
but the law is on our side.'"

[Mohamed] "is assessed to be of HIGH intelligence value." His
last interrogation had been on October 24, 2005, over 3 years before
Rear Admiral D.M. Thomas, Jr. signed the leaked

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